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Peyman Niksar


Peyman Niksar (Born in Tehran/Iran July 31, 1980) is a British-Iranian songwriter, music producer and singer, most closely associated with the electronic, trip hop, funk, lounge, deep house, fusion, world music and pop rock genre. 


Peyman discovered his interest in music around the age of ten when he started learning Tonbak, and he started learning guitar at the age of Thirteen. Later in parallel with his academic studies in Classic Music Composition he started to learn principles of producing and arranging Electronic and Rock Music.

In year 2000, he joined a Fusion band in Iran called "Mehrabanan" that covered some traditional and folk Iranian songs in Fusion style. Peyman's role in the band was playing Guitar and writing chord progressions for the songs. He experienced his first presence on stage as a player with this band in a few concerts in Tehran. Later in 2001, he gave a pop-rock concert with his own band in Tehran that was his first live experience as a singer.

Peyman released his first album called "Shere Nafasgir" (Breathtaking Poem) in 2003 which was a pop-rock album in cooperation with "Kaveh Yaghmaei". One year later in 2004 he 
graduated from AUH University majoring Music Composition.

Peyman has done a great deal of studies and researches on trip hop, funk, electronic and world music which gave him more ideas to combine different styles of music to
 present his own style.


He released his second album "Boht" in 2010 which was a Trip Hop / pop album and Peyman was the Songwriter, Producer and Singer of the whole songs of the album.


He released his third album "Oonvare Abra" in 2018 which was a kind of new soul/funk. He was again the Songwriter, Producer and Singer of the album.


Peyman's latest challenge is Basset Lounge project which he has been working on since 2020. Basset Lounge consists of single tracks released individually which is the formal beginning of Peyman's singing in English. This project focuses on lounge music mostly fusion deep house and funky world music genre. 

Moreover, Peyman has cooperated with some Film Directors in a few Short Films and Video Arts as a Music Composer. 

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